Rugs in the Bathroom

You don’t need that Bathmat

A rug in the bathroom? That is crazy talk, you can’t put a rug in the bathroom, why do you think they invented bathmats? Well, they invented bathmats to make money, of course! But the choices are not that great and they don’t usually add anything to the design of a room. You absolutely can, and should, use a real rug in your bathroom! It brings personality and warmth to a space that is typically cold and hard.

My personal favorite type of rug to use in a bathroom is a Kilim rug. The word Kilim is Turkish in origin and a lot of antique rugs are Kilim rugs. They are flat woven, easy to clean, come in many colors and designs, and are often made of wool or cotton. For cleaning, you would want to use a high-quality carpet shampoo and wash it by hand and lie flat or hang outside to dry. Never machine wash or dry these rugs. Given that these rugs survive the test of time, wear, and tear, they will hold up just fine in your bathroom.



You can find Kilim rugs just about anywhere, from big box stores to design showrooms, antique markets, and garage sales, these versatile rugs pop up just about everywhere. They range in design from “Oriental Rug” style to solid colors and geometric prints. They are flat-woven, so you don’t have to worry about mold or feeling wet or a stringy carpet coming between your toes.

And you don’t even have to use them just on the floor, although the floor is a great place to start. Kilim rugs make great wall-hangings and add a lovely texture and pop of color to the typical hard surfaces that you find in a bathroom. A faded Persian rug, new or antique, will add personality and a story to your space, and give your feet a soft, stylish place on which to land, as long as it isn’t hanging on the wall! A solid-colored Kilim, perhaps a bright mustard color, adds depth and a sense of high fashion to an all-white bathroom. A simple, striped kilim can be modern, nautical, country, or eclectic, depending on the accessories that are used in the space and in other areas of the house.



The best part about choosing a rug for the bathroom is that you don’t have to choose from small, medium, or large rectangle bath mats, you have options!


  • If you have a long, narrow bathroom, you can use a small runner.
  • If you have a large, luxurious en-suite bath, you might be tempted to use a large, round Kilim.
  • For a small half bath, a small, rectangular rug in a bold color or large-scale pattern would lend a unique, cosmopolitan look.


See, you aren’t doomed to wander the earth looking for the perfect bath mat, just look to a trusty Kilim to get the job done. Your feet will thank you, your friends will be amazed at your bravery in using a *gasp* rug in the bathroom, and you will smile at your design ingenuity every time you brush your teeth.

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