Questions to Ask Before You Buy a Rug

To appear savvy and show genuine interest in rug buying, you must be careful on the choice of questions you ask the rug dealer. Unless you want to be that customer who walks home with a want-away rug that has been in the stores for years, research further before visiting a vendor. To get the right rug that satisfies your every need, you must choose the right questions to ask.

I thought I should share some key questions that will really show your retailer that you are savvy about the quality of the rug you want.

Which material is the best for a house rug?

The response from your retailer should be straightforward since the practical considerations are a key factor. It has to do with the activities that happen in the living room. They all greatly determine the best material for the rug. For example, in a hallway, you will need a durable material that will sustain lots of walking that happen in this area. Rugs made of cotton, sisal or natural fiber may be ideal for these places.

However, a tufted or woolen rug will be very suitable for bedroom use or under the dining table for the soft feel it has on the feet. Other material such as silk fiber can be quite expensive but are more luxurious compared to other materials. However, they are a bit hard to clean as they also demand special cleaning methods. Another factor to look into is the texture of your flooring. On a hard surface, you should go for a non-slip rug underneath another rug or look for an already padded one.

Will a bold or bright work in my room?

It looks more relevant if the rug is not made to compete with other household items in terms of color, texture or even pattern. In a living room that is rich in different patterns, go for a rug that is bold to help blend the entire room texture. Also, if a room has many color mixtures, opt for a rug that the colors match any other item color in the living room. In a dull room, you have the freedom to choose a striking rug, be it in terms of color or pattern, the decision is all yours.

How do I choose the right size rug for my room?

Many homeowners go for a small rug as large rugs can be expensive. Well, it may not give you perfect results you need for your living room. It’s not wrong to try to save a few bucks for another day, but do you want small rugs that will leave your room looking awful and awkward.

Consider the positioning of your items of furniture such as sofas, dining table or even the bed. The left space around the furniture is ideal for the carpeting. For rooms where the bed or even the chairs lean against the wall you can comfortably get away with a small rug that only fits the spaces you’ll be stepping on. You may as well extend the rug even beneath the furniture to maintain an eye-catching look.


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