How To Pair An Area Rug With A Neutral-Colored Sofa

A neutral-colored sofa is a double-edged sword. It can be an elegant, versatile piece of décor; it can warm up or cool down a room depending on its undertones, and it can be easily paired with other solids or with bolder patterns. But a neutral can quickly become boring if it isn’t combined with other, more visually exciting elements. Here’s where the rug comes in.

Rugs are all about definition and attention. Their patterns are the center of the room, helping to define a space and complete a look. Refresh your room by choosing the right rug for your neutral sofa. Let’s look at a few ideas to get you started.

Oriental rugs

Oriental rugs are a category on their own. Their unique patterns and weaving techniques make them an ideal choice to breathe life into an otherwise plain room. And they don’t have to look outdated; just pair it with a neutral-colored sofa and soft, toned-down decorations to give your room a relaxed, modern look.

This type of rug offers unique artistry, quality, weaving techniques and textures to your décor. If you’re going for warm colors and soft, geometrical or floral patterns, start with Peshawar rugs, and combine them with a white or cream-colored sofa. But if you’re into brighter colors and linear patterns, Bokhara rugs are an excellent choice to use with gray sofas.

If your rug has an elaborate design, mix it with more toned-down decorations like solid-colored, throw away pillows.

Vintage Scandinavian rugs

Looking for a middle ground between modern, commercial rugs and antique rugs that could break the bank? Consider buying a vintage rug instead. Get away from the fads and create a timeless, cozy style.

Scandinavian rugs are a great place to start. They often feature linear patterns with floral or star-shaped decorations and come in pastel tones. The best-known types of Scandinavian rugs are Rya and Rollakan.

Rya rugs are shaggy, long-pile wool rugs with brighter colors and more traditional geometric patterns. They go well with gray sofas and decorations in light, cool colors. Rollakan rugs are flat-woven wool rugs with warmer colors and geometric, linear or floral patterns. Both have remained very popular among designers and homeowners for over 50 years, and you can’t go wrong with their timeless, comfortable style.

Contemporary rugs

Perhaps you’re looking for a modern design, instead. In this case, a contemporary rug can instill your space with a cleaner, modern style. You can always find handmade contemporary rugs that join traditional weaving techniques, high-quality materials and artistry with bold color combinations, patterns, and shapes.

Another advantage is that you can even contact your manufacturer for a custom-made rug. Your neutral-colored furniture makes it easy to dress it up or down depending on the style you’re going for.

It’s very hard to go wrong with a neutral-colored sofa and a high-quality rug that frames the space. You can add sophistication with an Oriental rug, make the room more cozy with a vintage Scandinavian rug, or make it more modern with a contemporary rug. Whatever the style, a rug is the best way to build your décor around a gray or white sofa.

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